Best Places to Visit in Morocco

best places to visit in morocco

If you are planning to take a vacation and cool off your brain, these are the best places to visit in Morocco in 2021 and have fun. There is no better feeling than that of traveling and seeing the world.

Some people travel to enjoy the fabulous scenic looks worldwide while others travel to explore and learn new ideas. If you feel like you somehow belong in the above bracket, then it’s time you put Morocco on your bucket list.

Morocco is a beautiful country located in North Africa and a dream destination for every traveler due to its magnificent natural beauty. So with Morocco in your mind, below is the list of top places to visit for an adventurous retreat.

Top Places To Visit in Morocco

1. Rabat

best places to visit in morocco


It is Morocco’s capital city and lies along the Bouregreg River’s shores and the Atlantic ocean. This fascinating place is known for its stunning parks, beautiful monuments, and incredible government buildings that give tourists the real beauty experience, making it the nation’s heart.

2. Merzouga

best places to visit in morocco



 It is a small Moroccan town found in the Sahara desert, near the Algerian border. This place is a gateway to Erg Chebbi, a vast mass of dunes situated in the west of Merzouga. Erg Chebbi is a seasonal salt lake that often dries in summer. When full, it attracts a wide diversity of desert birds, including the desert warblers, Egyptian nightjars, and flamingos, a great tourist attraction source.

3. Asilah



Also known as Arzeila, it is a fortified town located on the northern coast of Morocco. This beautiful destination is known for its quiet beaches, relaxing atmosphere, cool resorts, and fine artwork that keep sending in sightseers annually.

4. Toubkal Mountain

Toubkal Mountain


It is the tallest mountain in Morocco and also one of the highest in the Atlas mountains. This feature is at Toubkal National Park and is a short distance from Marrakesh’s magical city. The mountain’s peak is the highest point, which has made it easier for winter skiing and summer hiking for the tourists who visit the place.

5. Marrakech City

Marrakech City


It is a former imperial city of Morocco and a major economic center. The place is home to mosques, magnificent palaces, and iconic gardens, making it a charming, colorful town for couples, families, and photographers.

Bottom Line

To conclude, it’s seen from the above information, that Morocco is one of the most beautiful nations to visit on the planet’s face and therefore a right choice for a vacation.

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