Best Places to Visit In Rwanda

best places to visit in rwanda

If you want to tour the world and have fun in Rwanda, these are the best places to visit in Rwanda during your first days there.

Rwanda a landlocked country located over the great rift valley in East Africa is one of the most beautiful countries that you will enjoy visiting in the African continent.

Although it is among the smallest countries on the African mainland, Rwanda holds the beauty of nature that can captivate any traveler at first sight. 

Apart from nature walks and lakeside relaxation, it would be best if you tried visiting the below-mentioned places to satisfy your curiosity about this place’s beauty.

Unique Places to Visit in Rwanda

1. Kigali Genocide Memorial

best places to visit in rwanda

Kigali Genocide Memorial


This is where thousands of people were laid to rest after being brutally murdered in a 1994 massacre. Although the event is in the past now, it still holds the mark of pain to the people of Rwanda and their generation to come. Every year, people worldwide visit the place to learn about the horrific event and support the youngest victims of the genocide.

2. Mount Bisoke

best places to visit in rwanda

Mount Bisoke


It is a dormant volcano located in the borders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is also found in the Virunga Mountains. The place provides food and shelter for gorillas, a sight for tourist attraction, and offers the right hiking environment.

3. Akagera National Park

best places to visit in rwanda

Akagera National Park


The national park is located in the Eastern province of Rwanda. It takes its name from the Akagera River, which flows in the eastern boundary of the park. This place provides a home for wildlife diversity, including; hippo, impalas, giraffes, zebras, and many others.

4. Gishwati Forest

Gishwati Forest


It is located in the Northern-western parts of Rwanda. The place has been a home for chimpanzees for a more extended period. Apart from that, people also practice subsistence farming as the forest is neighboring lake Kivu. 

5. Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu


This lake is one of the most incredible lakes found in Africa. It is located at the borders between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Lake Kivu empties its waters into the Ruzizi River that flows in lake Tanganyika. This water body is surrounded by beautiful beaches and islands, making it one of East Africa’s beautiful regions.

6. Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park


It is found in North Western Rwanda. It consists of a chain of Volcanoes that forms the Virunga mountains. The place is a home for mountain gorillas and Golden monkeys, a tourist attraction source.

Wrap Up

Although Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in East Africa, it holds the beauty of nature through its unique lakes, mountains, and wildlife diversity. Sometimes a visit to some beautiful places in Rwanda provides you with the relaxation you need to cool your mind.

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