Emilia Clarke Nude Scenes: She Explains Herself

emilia clarke nude

Talking On The Podcast

Emilia Clarke has come out and expressed how she struggled with the nude scenes even after Game of Thrones. In a podcast, the actress said she felt she was under pressure to perform the scenes of the nude.

The 34-year-old has in most interviews talked about the matter, but she admits that the pressure was overwhelming not only in the early days of the show. 

“I’ve had disagreements on set where I want the sheets to stay up when shooting, and they refuse because they don’t want to disappoint fans.”

Emilia said.

An Interview With Shepherds

During the episode on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert Podcast, the host, together with Clarke, talked about the essence of nude scenes in Hollywood movies, a topic the actress said had drastically changed her life and career.

Referring to Games of Thrones, Clarke said,

“My adult life has been the staging. It’s been over 10 years of the show, and I’ve been doing this at the most fascinating and challenging times of my career.”

She went on to tell Shephard that season one had the most nudity of them all.

Emilia Clarke remembered how she received Game of Thrones’ script and immediately noted that the catch was on the nude scenes. She recalled she had just come from drama school and was determined to approach it just like a regular job.

While they were making the first season, Clarke admitted that she was not following through with the process.

“I didn’t know what all this was. I’ve been on a film set twice, but now I’m in one where I’m completely naked with so many people, and I don’t know how to react to it.”

She said.

Her stand on Game Of Thrones

However, Clarke has openly stood by Game of Thrones over excessive use of nudity but is critical about how her discussion in the series is unfairly channeled towards nudity.

For this reason, she said she will turn down an offer from Fifty Shades of Grey. Claire also says that she has been to many interviews about her acting role, but everybody seems to ask about the nude scenes.

How Jason Helped Her

Emilia reveals that the only person who made him feel less uncomfortable during her time on set was Jason Momoa. He realized how much the nudity affected Clarke and ordered a robe to cover her many times.

She noted that times had gone since the day she started acting and that now she is more confident about choosing what she’s comfortable with and what she’s not.

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