Helen Mirren Nude: The One Nude Scene She Didn’t Mind

helen mirren nude

Many Helen Mirren nude stories have been circulating, but finally, the 70-year-old actress Helen Mirren has opened up about the one nudity scene she was never bothered filming.

Although she has retired from nudity scenes, the Oscar award winner said she is happy that her age does not allow her to participate in nude scenes.

Speaking In An Interview

Helen admitted that when they shot the erotic historical drama Caligula in 1979, she was very comfortable. The controversial film starred Peter O’Toole and Malcolm McDowell and received a lot of loyal fans.

Mirren said that the only reason the film’s nude scenes did not make her uncomfortable was that everybody else was naked in the scenes.

“It was like showing up to a nudist camp every day. You felt ashamed if you had your clothes on in that movie”. She said.

After The First Scene: Helen Mirren Nude 

After the filming process, Helen said that the pictures were like a breath of fresh air. “An irresistible mix of art and genitals.” Mirren pointed out. Even after winning the Myriad awards, the Tony winner has continued to stay loyal to her role as Caligula’s wife, Caesonia.

She stated that she had never opened up her mouth to diminish Caligula. Helen continued by saying that she was young when she played that particular role and had no regrets. She even described it as being sent down to Dante’s inferno in many ways.

The actress revealed that it did not seem like a big deal to remove her clothes for that scene because she was young. She recalls thinking about the matter the first time she was called upon to appear topless.

I was doing nude parts from the first moment I started my movie career…..It was the era…..It looked like nothing to worry about.

Mirren expressed her views.

Helen Mirren Nude: How She Felt 

But she also admits that at first, she was afraid. Helen told the Newyork Times Journalist that it was not fun to be the only one naked in some of the films. It felt strange, but it was what the job required. She finished by stating that featuring in those scenes required people with healthy minds.

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