How to Choose the Best Colleges in Kenya

how to choose a college in kenya

It’s everyone’s dream to achieve quality education for themselves. 

However, choosing the best college can be quite a daunting task for some people because they can’t figure out how to begin the search, factors to consider, and a lot more. 

This results in most people pursuing the wrong careers, leaving behind their most desired dreams.

Before choosing your top priority college, consider weighing different options and factors to make sure that you are applying to the best university. 

And because I know this can be quite challenging, I have listed some quick tips below to help you walk through the search while feeling confident. 

Ready, let’s cut to the chase: 

Quick Tips to Choosing the Best College in Kenya

1. Rank Your Priorities

Long term goals should guide you in choosing the best college. This means that whatever university you will select must address all your top priorities to achieve your goals. You can jot down a list of priorities and the list of your top target universities and compare them to your preferences. 

2. Academic Quality and Overall Cost

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that you wish to have a quality education, considering universities that offer quality education with affordable tuition costs, transportation costs, textbook costs, or other related costs. You can determine the quality of knowledge based on how many successful graduates a university produces. In other words, how many graduates from a university end up employed. 

3. Resources and Support System

Any top college should have adequate resources and amenities to support and enhance the quality of education. Does the university have a fully-equipped library, well-planned lecture rooms, and research laboratories to facilitate science practicals? Knowing the answers to these questions should help you determine whether the college you are choosing is up to the standards or not. 

4. The Learning Environment

The environment around the school should be conducive and ready to accommodate all kinds of learning. Additionally, the college administration university must liaise with the government to ensure that the school’s security is safe. Usually, there are more criminal cases around colleges. That’s why it is also a good idea to check the university’s environmental criminal records or stats. 

5. College Graduates’ Success Rates 

Due to congestion in the job market, bribery, and corruption in the country, it is becoming nearly impossible for fresh graduates to get employment. This is why it is essential to research and know how you will get jobs after graduating from your preferred college. There are colleges with good employment records for their graduates. This is a factor you need to pay attention to if you will be choosing a college soon.  

Key Take Away 

Although students often think that going to the best learning institutions ensures getting employment opportunities, you should also know that your hard work and determination determine success. Believing in yourself and consistency is the way forward.

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