How to Stop Tv Addiction

how to stop tv addiction

Have you ever stopped to visualize why TV addiction has become so rampant? 

Usually, most people use TV addiction as a mechanism to overcome fear, shame, embarrassment, and other challenges they face in their lives. 

Sure, TV programs help obliterate your problems for a while, but it also encourages laziness and idleness. 

For example, the youth personalize this habit, forgetting their studies and issues that should have first-hand priorities in their lives. 

Like any other form of addiction, TV addiction has many adverse effects and should be arrested early. To stop this ailment in society, consider trying out a few of these quick hacks or remedies: 

  1. Monitor how much time you and your family squander watching television. This helps you to keep track of the level of unresolved responsibilities that have been left unattended.
  2. Set goals in life – Developing schedules and goals enables you to develop a sense of purpose in life and allows commitment, giving you reasons to believe in yourself, making them more consistent, and eventually reducing free time.
  3. Consistent workout – Exercises enable you to achieve body relaxation, keep fit, and helps the brain attain its maximum potential. Daily commitment of about two hours can help reduce risks of chronic diseases, unnecessary stress, depression, and, more importantly, increase your productivity.
  4. Increasing social interactions – Associating with other people helps you get out of your cocoon, boosts your creativity, and improves your self-awareness. 
  5. Analyze the reasons for watching TV – People watch TV for various reasons, including keeping up to date with news, increasing awareness, and unhealthy reasons such as relieving stress and pampering their laziness. Analyzing and eliminating the negative helps to reduce TV addiction.

Take Away 

These are some of the quick ways and tips you can eliminate TV addiction. Therefore, it would help if you implement these tips and start making fair use of your time, rather than believing in the superstition that TV will help drive away your fears. This will improve your level of productivity and eliminate other forms of addiction you may develop over time

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