Mark Zuckerberg Success Story

mark zuckerberg success story

Early Life and Education

On May 14, 1984, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born in White Plains New York and raised in Dobbs Ferry. Mark was brought up in a well-educated family and developed an early obsession with computers. At 12, Mark came up with a messaging program known as Zucknet, an inter-office communication system which he made for his father’s dental practice. His parents saw his ability and got him a computer programming tutor while he was still in high school. Later, Mark joined Harvard University to further his studies.

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Success Story 

Mark Zuckerberg became famous because of his computer programming skills in Harvard University. In his first year, Mark had already created two programs: FaceMash and CourseMatch. The two programs became very popular, but Harvard shut them down after they were deemed unsuitable.

Mark partnered with friends to come up with a social networking site that enabled Harvard students to connect. In the year 2004, the site known as Facebook officially went live and viral. After his second year, Mark dropped out of college and fully indulged on Facebook, and by the end of 2004, the site had reached one million users.

Facebook drew a lot of attention leading to receiving its first round of venture capital investments from Accel Partners of $12.7 million. This was a great achievement to Mark Zuckerberg, but he wanted to do better. In 2005, Facebook opened up to students in various schools which made the it reach 5.5 million users. Facebook then received acquisition from companies like Yahoo and Microsoft.

Oct. 30, 2019, Facebook reported that their average daily users had gone up to 1.62 billion. There were also reports of 9% monthly increase in users totalling to 2.45 billion and on Jan. 28, 2020 the numbers had shot up leading to a market cap of $598 billion. Today Mark owns over 375 million Facebook shares and holds 60% of voting rights in the company.

Net Worth and Current Influence

Today Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is worth $78 billion as per research conducted on Jan. 30, 2020. Mark has also signed the giving pledge which will see him donate 50% of his net worth to philanthropic causes before he dies. In the year 2010, he donated over $100 million to rescue the Newark school system in New Jersey. According to Forbes, there is a drop in Facebook stock price following the warning issued to investors of profit margins. This is due to the growing impact of the battle between profit and privacy. It is also said that Facebook has a growing inability to protect users from misuse and misinformation.

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