Nina Turner Could Make Waves In Biden’s Congress

nina turner

Sanders Endorsing Biden

Nina Turner could make waves in Biden’s congress, and the fact that Bernie Sanders endorsed President-elect Joe Biden is in itself tactical. The tactics would be that Progressives would help to take down Donald trump but in exchange for something. Biden made Congresswoman Marcia Fudge run for the Department of Housing and Urban Development seat, hence sending a signal that there is room for Progressives.

Nina Turner’s Interest In Ohio’s Seat

Nina Turner, a Progressive who once likened voting for Biden or Donald Trump, declared his interest to run for Ohio’s 11th Congressional district seat, which was initially occupied by Marcia Fudges. “The pandemic leaves no doubt that this country’s system is rigged. A system that does not take care of the poor, the working and barely the middle class”.She said.

Whereas Turner seems the likeliest candidate to win the district, covering a large part of Cleveland, other potential candidates are on the same trail. Nina’s supporters are confident they will win due to the good National profile she has built during her time as Sanders surrogate.

Turner is running on Progressive policies: free college, a federal $15 an hour minimum wage, Medicare for all, and consistent COVID relief payments throughout the remaining time of the crisis. “What she(Nina Turner) can bring to the house is tangibly vital.” Norman Solomon said in an interview.

Nina’s entry into the district’s race fits perfectly with Progressives’ plan and strategy to increase their number in Congress. Turner knows how to lure, attract, and build multiracial coalitions using Progressive values, making her Sanders ally.

Nina Turner’s Ideologies

Her ideologies are mainly aligned with Sanders and Progressives. She recalled how her early life was when she worked for the former state senator Rhine McLin and the former Mayor as director of government affairs. In 2005, she secured a seat on Cleveland Council before her appointment to the Ohio Senate.

Turner’s move to join Sanders came when her husband called to inform her that a candidate came from Vermont and sounded just like her. At that time, she was involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but she gave it all up and joined Bernie Sanders in a shocking move. Rumors have it that it was the policies that Sanders sold to the people like free college and Medicare for all that lured her.

About Joe Biden, who said that he would veto Medicare to all, Turner said that the way people are suffering demands that something special should be done and that her party, the Democratic party, has the opportunity to do so.

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