Signs That Your Partner is Madly in Love With You

partner madly in love

Have you ever fallen in love with someone and expected the same love in return, or have you ever felt like your partner is madly in love with you? 

Love is always a beautiful feeling that brings happiness, especially when it comes from the people we cherish most in life. 

Everyone’s desire to be loved or fall in love with people can easily express our feelings without being judged.

According to Max Scheler, a German philosopher, love is the essence of human nature, and without it, life becomes empty and meaningless. 

Though falling in love is a powerful experience that makes people change their perspective towards life. It is also true that sometimes those good moments don’t last forever, and later, the love story always comes to an end. 

However, many couples manage to sustain their affair due to the measures they take on it, and at long last, it always ends in a happy union. Below are some ways to know if your partner is head over heels in love with you.

Ways to Know That Your Partner is Madly In Love With You

1. They Make You Their Priority

When someone loves you, they will do anything to make you happy, provided it is under their control. This is mostly seen through their actions; they always tend to put your demands before anything else in their lives and enjoy the feeling of making you happy.

2. Feeling Insecure

Have you ever wondered why your partner calls or texts you for no reason when you’re not around them? When someone is deeply in love with you, he or she misses you when you are not around them, and this makes them call or text you to find out how you are fairing or even ask for a date so that they can get to be around you. 

3. They Are Ready to Forgive

It’s everyone’s nature to make mistakes. In a relationship, when this happens, it is either your partner forgives you, or it brings the entire relationship to an end. When your partner is madly in love with you, they will always forgive you for every mistake you make as they are afraid of losing you.

4. They Are Good in Bed

Sex is always a medium through which people express their sexual desires to their partners. This enables their love to nourish, causing a strong bond between the two. Someone who loves you will want to satisfy your sexual needs only to see you happy. 

5. Ready to Perform House Chores

It is a nice feeling when others help us perform house chores, especially those we hate doing most, through love. We are always able to find these kinds of people who are ready to perform duties for us. These people care about us and are ready to do anything to make us happy.

Is Your Partner Madly in Love With You? 

 In conclusion, please take the time to inquire about the kind of partner you are dating to avoid heartbreaks and unnecessary pain. Using the ways mentioned above, you will know better if your partner loves you or is merely playing tricks on you.


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