How Stephen Miller And His Wife Found Love In A Unique Place

stephen miller wife

You’ve probably heard about Stephen Miller wife stories online. Many people who often get married always have romantic stories to tell. As for Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman, their love and affection came in a hateful place when they were both profoundly fighting immigration.

Stephen Miller Wife – The Character

While Katie was a beautiful young lady who everyone was excited to see, Stephen was the exact opposite. Miller was disliked mainly because he was President Trump’s advisor on any single topic and had a hand in coming up with the most punishing immigration.

How Their Career’s United Them

In 2017, Katie landed a job in communications at the department of homeland security. Some of the roles were to oversee the Southern border’s protection, an area that Miller had a great passion for.

Stephen took the battle against immigration seriously and even tried to make Nielsen sign the zero-tolerance memo. In his view, the only way they were going to stop the increasing numbers of migrants to the central American border was to separate them from their families.

“Stephen was particularly trying to force himself into the communication sector. He had this thing about calling everyone and trying to get the answer he wanted. He found that person in Katie Waldman,” Said the DHS official.

Miller and Waldman’s attraction came while they worked together. The two shared many things in common, like the separation policy, which Nielsen later signed. Although the procedure failed and was removed by Trump, Katie took to Twitter to defend Stephen, saying that the policy was to scare people.

Soon, the two made their engagement official, which was not received well by Katie’s extended family members. As much as Waldman’s parents would have wished for a different son-in-law, they agreed that they could not choose her who she wanted to be with.

Where They Got Married

On a bright Sunday at Trump International hotel, Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman got married in the presence of their friends Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Pence, Mick Mulvaney, Reince Priebus, among others. Katie, Stephen Miller wife, later on described Miller in a tweet as “The perfect man.”

Many, including Donald Trump, praised their marriage, who categorized them as one of his favorite couples. Their union showed that two people can find love in challenging places, encounter setbacks but still end up together.

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