Steve Jobs Success Story

steve jobs success story

Early Life 

Steven Jobs was born on 24th February 1995 in California. He was put up for adoption by his biological parents, Abdul Fattah Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble, because they felt they were too young to take care of a baby. Soon after he was offered for adoption, Paul and Clara Jobs took in Steve, who was only 2 years old at that time. As he grew, he started to develop an interest in computers, and when Steve was 12, he called HP founder Bill Hewlett and requested for electronic parts of a computer for his school project. Bill was impressed by him and rewarded him by giving him a job as a summer intern. 

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How it Happened at Apple

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who had become friends during their summer internship, teamed up to start the blue box for making long-distance calls at no cost. The two had an idea to start Apple one but did not have sufficient funds, so they resorted to selling some of their valuables; Jobs sold his Volkswagen microbus while Wozniak sold his calculator to generate $1350. Later on, they managed to acquire enough funds to introduce Apple two, which turned out to be a great success with its first-year sales topping up to $3million. The next two years saw Apple make sales worth $200million. Later, Apple two made the company Apple which was incorporated in 1977.

He’s Fired from Apple 

By 1980, Apple had lost half its shares to IBM. Jobs, the central brain, came up with Apple Macintosh, which was a breakthrough but failed in 1984 because its marketing was flawed. Steve had another idea to introduce MAC as a home computer, but the $2495 cost was too expensive for potential customers. With little memory and no marketing capabilities, MAC was introduced as a business computer. Jobs was in trouble because MAC was not suitable for corporate America. He was expelled from the board by then CEO John Sculley who he had ironically appointed. He sold all his shares of Apple and resigned in 1985.

Rise of Pixar Animation Studios

Steve Jobs started the next generation of computers, which upgraded innovations such as fast processing speed, an optical disk drive, and exceptional graphics using the money he had when he resigned from Apple. The only problem with next was the pricing, which was $9950. The problem he incurred with the next computers led him to focus more on the Pixar animation studio, which he had acquired in 1986 from Lucas George. Later on, he signed a deal with Disney, which made Pixar on the stock market. Apple, observing Steve Jobs’s moves, purchased Next computers for $400 million and reappointed as their advisor. With Steve, Apple quickly made sales of $5.9 billion with a series of new inventions.

Steve Job’s Death

Despite being successful, Steve, jobs had health challenges. In 2004, he informed his employees via email that he had undergone a major cancerous pancreatic operation. He took a medical leave in January 2011 following a liver transplant, but he stated that he would continue serving as CEO of Apple. His state worsened, and he stepped down as CEO and continued serving as the chairman. Steve later died in October 2011 at the age of 56, his last words being “Oh wow.”

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