80 Year Old Man Tied To Bed In A Hospital Over Payment Issues

tied to bed

Shocking Incident In Shajapur

80-year-old Laxmi Narayan was found tied up to bed in Shajapur city hospital over claims that his kin could not raise the hospital’s extra money. The incident that occurred on Saturday left the residence of the city and country speechless.

The aged man had traveled from Rajgarh district, which is 38 kilometers away from Shajapur city hospital. It is said that the family of the 80-year-old had paid Rs 6,000 first when the treatment started, then followed it up with another Rs 5,000 as the treatment process was ongoing.

Why He Was Tied to Bed

However, when the man was about to be discharged, Shajapur hospital asked the next of kin to pay an extra Rs 11,270 before they could release him. The family was left stranded because they could not make or find a way to raise the extra cash due to the challenging times brought by Covid-19 lockdown.

Right after the incident was brought to the administration’s notice, they made it clear that the required channel and steps would be taken to deal with the matter at its earliest stage. “We have sent a group of sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) and a doctor to the hospital to help investigate the matter well. This should not have happened to the 80-year-old. We will ensure that appropriate action and measures are taken against the hospital,” The District Collector Dinesh Jain told ANI.

Words From The Hospital

However, the hospital has continued to deny the accusations that were labeled against them and have maintained that the 80-year-old man was tied because he was suffering from an electrolyte imbalance.

“He was having convulsions due to electrolyte imbalance. We shackled him because we did not want him to injure or hurt himself, ” said one of Shajapur doctors, who also disclosed that the hospital would waive off Laxmi remaining bills on humanitarian grounds.

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