Trump Election Suit In Pennsylvania Withdrawn

Current President Donald Trump has faced a massive blow trying to overturn the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. Following Porter Wright Morris and Arthur, the law firm representing him, withdrawing its legal services in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Trump, who won Pennsylvania when he was contesting against Hillary Clinton, claims that the 2020 election is nothing but a fraud. Despite the withdrawal of the case, he still refuses to embrace a Joe Biden Presidency. The memo of the withdrawal of the lawsuit said,” Plaintiffs and Porter Wright have reached a mutual agreement that Plaintiffs will be best served if Porter Wright withdraws.”

However, election legal analysts termed the complaint as baseless and with no legal evidence of illegal ballots being intentionally cast. Similarly, Donald Trump campaign lawyers withdrew their complaint in the Arizona court, saying that the case would not make a massive change in the state election result.

According to reports by news outlet Al Jazeera, Jones Day, the third firm, is undergoing public challenges following its lawsuit that would disqualify a massive number of incoming mail ballots in Pennsylvania. “Jones Day is not representing President Trump, his campaign, or any affiliated party in any litigation alleging voter fraud,” The third firm said. 

The Jones Day case was triggered by the Supreme Court’s order that gave states extra 3 days to count and collect postmarked mail ballots that arrived late. The Us Supreme Court will likely review Their case, and a ruling would potentially invalidate thousands of votes cast through the mail in Pennsylvania but will not have a massive impact on the victory of Joe Biden.

Although it’s unlikely that President Trump will concede defeat, he might back down and run again in 2024 against Joe Biden. He will have the ability to do so because the Us constitution allows a four year 2 term presidency not having to be consecutive. Trump, who will be 78 years then, has told his close allies about his plans.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden has started forming his administration. According to Al Jazeera, Biden has appointed Klain, who served him during the Obama presidency, as his new chief of staff. He is convinced that they won fairly, with 306 electoral votes beating the 270 thresholds.

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