Upwork Job Success Score Update

upwork jss update

In a statement released by an Upwork staff member, Jason M, on 21rst October 2020, Upwork is now looking forward to changing the Job Success Score feature. In a bid to improve freelancers experience on Upwork, there will be a shift in how the Job Success Score will be calculated. 

Previously, Upwork included contracts with no feedback in the JSS. The change will now reverse that and instead exclude no feedback from your JSS. Jason M, who joined the Upwork team recently posted on the Upwork freelancers’ community saying: 

We will soon update the JSS calculation process to exclude contracts that end without feedback. Today, if a freelancer or agency has a large number of contracts that end without feedback, those contracts can negatively impact their JSS.


But What is JSS?

A JSS is the short form of Job Success Score and it is used to determine the satisfaction of clients based on the projects you complete on Upwork. Freelancers can monitor their JSS from the My Stats page. 

How Will This Affect You? 

Upwork will now be removing no feedback projects from your JSS as from November 2020. That means such kinds of projects will no longer hurt your JSS. In other words, if you have had many no feedback projects, then you will see a boost in your JSS in the coming days. Your JSS may disappear if you have less than 2 distinct clients. However, you can minimize this risk by scoring more jobs on Upwork. 

Jason M clarified by stating: 

We will be removing projects where clients don’t leave feedback from consideration in the JSS calculation in November. This means that it will no longer negatively impact your JSS if a client does not leave feedback at the end of a project. Note that, as a result of this change, … we are reducing the minimum number of distinct clients required to earn a JSS from 3 to 2.

When Exactly Will This Happen? 

This update was met with a lot of anxiety with lots of freelancers asking when this change will take effect. Most freelancers were also quick to note some of the changes they would love to see to make Upwork a better freelancing community. Jason said that he would notify everyone once the update is complete and also thanked everyone for channelling their feedback to the Upwork. 

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