Why Lake Nakuru National Park Is Worth Visiting

When organizing a tour to Kenya, many people will recommend Lake Nakuru National Park to you. Although Lake Nakuru is not in Nairobi’s capital city or the biggest park in Kenya, it is still worth your time. If you are coming from the capital city, it will take you roughly 3 hours to get to Nakuru Park, home to over fifty animals.

The Flamingos

Although it is a small park, it is gifted and has some unique birds like the Pink Flamingos, which you cannot find in many places in Kenya. Flamingos continue to hold a special place in the hearts of international tourists and the locals despite their dwindling number over recent years. 

Easy Accessibility Of Hell’s Gate

hell's gate

Many people visit the Lake Nakuru National park because it’s only an hour and a half away from Hells Gate National Park. For those who may not know Hells gate, it’s the place where the movie Tomb Raider was shot in 2003. This makes it easier for many tourists to travel from Lake Nakuru Park to Hells gate in less than 5 hours of tiresome travel from Masai Mara.

Black And White Rhino

white rhinos at lake nakuru national park

Black and white rhinos make Nakuru park an amazing tourist destination because they are endangered and rare species. Being the second-largest animal in the world after the Elephant, Rhinos are a joy to watch.

The Rift Valley View

the great rift valley

On your way to Lake Nakuru National Park, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and wonderful view of the Great Rift Valley. There are points where you will stop and view the escarpments. Also, there will be people who will explain to you where the line of the equator passes. Generally, the Rift Valley view is always a good highlight for your trip to Nakuru.

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