Why Trump Lost The US Election

The 2020 US Presidential election showed that a President could be ousted after one term in office. By losing his seat to Joe Biden, Donald Trump falls on four incumbents’ list to lose their seat after only four terms. He is also the first president ever to lose popular votes in consecutive elections in United States history.

Part of the reason why Donald lost the 2020 election is that he was norm-busting political outsiders who were ready to say the unsayable about his chest-thumping and uninvited aggression from four years ago. Some people who supported him in the 2016 election had just had enough of his behavior and lack of seriousness in handling delicate matters facing the American people.

The aggression in which Mr. Trump’s tweets were put out was very disturbing because they were mainly racist. Trump faced a test when the black Americans’ oppression by the police raised awareness in the whole world, a test in which he failed terribly. He trashed America’s traditional allies and failed multiple times to condemn white supremacy, which evoked more tension. 

People are tired of this presidency. They want to see normalcy and decency back in this country. They want an end to hatred. They wanna live in a united country, and that is going to bring a Joe Biden Presidency.


Chuck Howenstein said to BBC.

Another thing about Trump’s Presidential loss is that he failed to bring all supporters from different races and beliefs on board. He didn’t even try. In 2016, he won 30 states and ruled like he was only the President of the states that elected him. He did not attempt to woo the 20 states who voted for Hillary Clinton to join him.

When his era was coming to an end, most Americans just wanted to try someone new, someone, who would give them hope of a better tomorrow—one who knew the task’s difficulty that lied ahead. The 2020 election was different. Trump had a legacy to defend, but it was too late. His record in office was terrible. The careless manner in which he handled the Coronavirus had led to the death of more than 230,000 Americans. 

Trump made several accusations to the health sector for forging the numbers about the Coronavirus deaths so that they could receive high pay, which was not true. Week in week out, he came out and gave false information about the situation of the country. After he contracted the virus himself, people started to question his capability to protect the American people if he couldn’t protect himself. At this point, the people’s mind was set, and there was no going back.

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