Why You Are Still Single Today

why you are still single

We live in a secular society where individuals have diluted the primitive legal norms that controlled society’s smooth running and no longer lived according to them. 

No wonder people view those traditions as outdated and discriminatory, choosing to live by modern society’s standards. 

Following research conducted by PsychologyToday on relationships and marriages, it was found out that 25% of people have chosen to stay single. In comparison, 29% are not even sure whether or not they want to remain single. 

According to Antonia Hall, psychologist, a relationship expert, and the author of the Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life, it is a conscious choice for some people not to repeat the negative experiences, either their own or their parents’. 

Other reasons people may not want to be in relationships or get married are maintaining a sense of independence, freedom, and control over their lives. 

Being asexual is also another reason why people choose to remain solitary. Asexual simply means a lack of sexual drive. 

Today most people have decided to live a free life that makes them happy and relieves themselves from other responsibilities and marriage commitments. In other words, most individuals want to focus on their careers instead of being another person’s “subordinate.”

Relationships and marriages have a stereotype that men should be superior to their female counterparts. With the discovery and rise of feminism, females have resolved to stay away from relationships and marriages to avoid being victimized by male chauvinism.

The high divorce rate is also one reason people don’t want to get married, as they fear the shame of divorcing spouses. With the country’s harsh economy and a high unemployment rate, marriages and relationships have become too expensive for individuals.

From the above information, it is clear that people make decisions concerning their lives by following their heart’s desires, and there is no offense to being single.

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